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Who Are We


Kubbair is a luxury lifestyle brand, and our mission is to provide full range of men customize professional, casual, sportswear and business clothing and accessories under one umbrella. 

People always prefer the perfect fit in life, be it regarding their partner or their clothes. We can't promise you perfection on your partner’s end but we can definitely help you with your clothes. Welcome to Kubbair, we provide exceptional fashion for men with the help of the finest custom suit makers in Canada. We have improved ourselves and have come to the digital space to treasure our customers even more through the years. As an extension of the services we provide, we are offering a reliable quality fabric, a wide variety of accessories, luxury clothing, and uncompromisingly exceptional custom tailors. Experience our professional and customer-centric approach to get yourself the best suit. 

We are a men’s clothing store located in Ontario, Canada. We help you get an amazing set of clothes that speak to your style. You can reach us through our accessible and user-friendly website for custom clothing services as well as to know about our collections and tours. Allow us to fulfill your dream of having the ultimate custom-stitched outfit for yourself. We keep the best collection of fabrics and accessories for all occasions and purposes. If you are struggling to find your style, why not make it? Talk to our custom tailors who can understand your exact fashion language and design you exactly what you want. All imaginable designs are here at a single destination, Kubbair. Get the best designs and attain wardrobe perfection at competitive prices. 

We are Kubbair, a luxury custom men’s fashion store, in Ontario, thrilled to design and get you your dream attire. We pay attention to the details of your desire and transform imagination into the perfect fit. So, save yourself from boring clothes or wardrobe malfunctions and get your dream customized attire from us.

Message from president.

Wardrobe consultant with experience of 20 years helping clients all over Canada to develop and enhance their professional and personal image.
As I believe "god made men and we make men a gentleman".

Pritpal Saini
President and custom-made wardrobe consultant