from office to casual get the best range of custom suits from Kubbair

Getting the luxurious dream suit for all occasions is a dream for most guys. However, getting the perfect fit is a bit difficult when checking out readymade clothes. Thus, we have some good news for fashionistas. We are Kubbair, the custom tailoring store in Ontario, Canada, making luxurious custom clothes and accessories for men since 2008. We know it can be a bit intimidating to visit a tailor due to the intimacy that occurs in unfamiliar surroundings. Thus, we try to make our clients and customers feel comfortable with drinks and fashion magazines. Further, we take the time to make the best bespoke tailored clothes for our customers that empower them to flatter themselves. We make suits that vary from classy to flashy depending on our client’s preference. Willing to get yourself a fine, luxurious office suit, or casual suit for parties and occasions? Check out Kubbair, and our custom clothing and accessories lineup. Today we are here to acknowledge different types and designs of suits for men, that one can try out for different occasions. It is only natural for men to acknowledge the dynamics of men’s classic suits with the essential encyclopedia set brought out by Kubbair.

Slim Fit Suit

The slim-fit suit is the type of attire that adorns your body and your style. The form of the suit starts narrowing from the chest to the waist to bring out the embellishment of the physique. Although there are different male body types that can complement this particular suit, the athletic build body is the obvious pair for this attire. The slim-fit suit brings out the natural contours of the body, thus getting a custom suit designed by the best tailors in Ontario is the right choice in order to get the best fit. The jacket of a slim-fit suit is short and slim with room for comfort, and the pants are typically cropped and narrow.

Classic Fit Suit

The classic fit suit is the best choice for people who prefer not to invest much time in deciding what to wear. The classic first suit is the way to go formal wear that can be worn on any and all occasions. This is a more comfortable type of suit that is unfettered in design and provides breathability to the person, along with a messy aesthetic. A classic fit custom suit from Kubbair is the proper go-to suit that can be worn from Monday to Friday for office-going purposes. It is a safe choice even for casual occasions since it never goes out of style. It gives a fuller build to the man with a comfortable and soft feel and can be worn with regular-fit comfortable pants.

Single Breasted Suit:

Single-breasted suits are the most omnipresent among all the suits that are present in the market for men. It is the most famous, preferred, and commonly noticed suit in the market for men. Most professional men prefer to wear single-breasted custom suits to work every day due to their feel and comfort. With a single row of buttons and the tighter appearance of the suit, it is preferred by most men as daily wear. Single-breasted suits are great looking, classy, and widely worn by different body types. With three buttons at most, the suit is made to compliment every body type and is usually worn with normal fitted trousers and shawl, peak, or notch lapels.

Double Breasted Suit:

In contrast to single-breasted suits, double-breasted suits have additional buttons to serve the purpose of aesthetics. There are typically four to eight buttons on the suit to create a wider frame illusion. Whether it is a type of optical trickery or anything else, the whole point of the suit boils down to the topic that it serves the purpose of making a person’s body look slim and well built. The double-breasted custom suits are mainly worn and preferred by men in Europe, it is still no doubt a great fashion trend in Canada as well. While wearing a double-breasted suit, it is normally recommended to leave the bottom button unfastened and the top button standing. This suit is best complimented with normally fitted trousers and peak or shawl lapels.

Although there are several other types of custom suits like unstructured blazers, patch pocket blazers, single vent suits, double vent suits, and others. With the list provided about the types of suits that are there in the market for men, you can now visit our store to get these suits custom-made for yourself as per your preference. Visit Kubbair to get the best-tailored suit for yourself that you can wear on any and all occasions.