Topcoat and overcoat for men and the difference in styling

Winter is always a fun time to stylize your attires since there are several options for nude shades and dark palettes. Kubbair, the leading brand for luxurious and custom clothing, has dedicated our team of designers and professionals to creating custom suits, topcoats, and accessories for men. Our fashion goes beyond seasons, time of the day, and occasions. Today we have come to dedicate this blog to winter fashion and tell you the difference between a topcoat and an overcoat, and how to style both. Our professional designers and stylists are here to help you understand how to style your attire so as to go with the trend.

So what exactly are topcoats and overcoats?

Long coats are cold winter drag that you are psychologically prepared to wear for a couple of months during the winters. But what if you get to stylize your long coats and look trendy even with the simplest winter coats? For this, you need to learn what topcoats and overcoats are. The basic difference between both depends on the length, weight, and style. Both are a part of great coats worn during winters and are usually heavy due to their military heritage. Overcoats are long coats with sleeves that are worn over some piece of clothing in order to protect the body from chilly winters. Overcoats are extended below the knee, the basic way to identify the difference between the two coats. On the other hand, top coats are lightweight overcoats that are also worn during winters and are usually up to the knees or end right above the knee.

Depending on the length, weight, and design of the two particular coats, they are styled, which complements the wearer. Although there are no hardcore rules for styling the two different coats, however, one can always give it a shot to look exquisite. The distinctions between the two coats will definitely make a person look different on different occasions. The simplicity of the overcoat makes it an all-purpose winter coat to cover up the body. On the other hand, the top coat being of the same functionality is still used for styling purposes due to its comparatively shorter length. The styling of the overcoat is usually generational since it usually complements people with rounded figures due to its length. The styling part is usually compromised for the purpose of being warm. However, on the other hand, topcoats are for professionals and younger generations due to their shorter and above-the-knee look. It is designed for slim and trimmed figures and is considered convenient for car rides.

Styling a overcoat and topcoat

Topcoats are simple yet classy and are very distinct from overcoats and therefore can be styled in a particular way so as to fit your personality. There are simple steps to styling any type of winter coat, however, we are going to discuss particular styling options based on the typical coat. As for the top coat, due to its sleekness, one can always style the coat in a classy way rather than with a lot of ornamentation. Typically one can wear a topcoat with formal wear and keep a clean font look to avoid any sort of distraction from extra pockets. Enhancing the sophisticated and contemporary look with a topcoat is easy and can make you look fabulous. A top coat can also be worn with a slim fit suit to define the body type and have a sleek silhouette. On the other hand, the traditional overcoat can be styled in a classic way that can not only make you look amazing but also keep you warm. Overcoats are simple attires that can be worn with suits. The basic way is to avoid unnecessary dressing and ornamentation of attire to carry a sophisticated look. 

The matter of choice whether to choose a topcoat or an overcoat totally depends on personal reasons. However, overcoats are timeless and have been in trend for a long time, and topcoats are a newer fashion trend. But both leave different impressions on people, the overcoat is more dominant whereas the topcoat is a hippie version. Although anything you choose to wear is ultimately to save you from cold. Nevertheless, there is no issue in adding the hint of style to your look as mentioned by us at Kubbair to get a more trending look. Wipe those winter blues with a little hint of style to your attire and create a fabulous impression.