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While young office goers take over the workforce, casual work attire is becoming a norm. Youth’s influence over the professional environment is making it difficult to understand the work dress code. Thus, with surveys conducted and rules checked it has been found that most offices have a proper formal dress code. There is a mutually accepted rule of what to wear and what not, among which a major part includes formal business attire. There are several types of attire for work; however, the one that is commonly appreciated is formal attire. With the outbreak of the pandemic and remote working being a thing, there is a certain set of rules that have been determined for virtual offices.

Types of attire for work

There are generally four types of professional attire that are accepted throughout the world based on different office settings. We are going to discuss the four different types of work attire, namely formal business attire, professional business attire, casual business attire, and straight-on casual attire. Although most companies prefer professionalism over anything and thus appreciate professional or formal business attire, there are several companies that accept casual attire as well.

  • Formal business attire: high-level professional attire for men and women who present themselves in office settings must include a tailored suit, tires, and trousers with Jackson shoes for men. And for women, it is a professional-looking tailored pantsuit or skirt with office shoes. Employees are expected to carry professionalism in their looks and attire.
  • Professional business attire: a step down from the ultimate formal business attire, comes professional business attire, which can be conservative and traditional. With professional business attire, you can get choices and flexibility regarding color and patterns on your business attire. Men and women are both allowed to wear patterned suits with accessories with jackets or jewelry. Noticeable watches can also be a style statement in the case of professional business attire.
  • Casual business attire: if the employee handbook of a company suggests casual business attire, then it means they are allowed to wear anything ranging from suits to stockings on a daily basis. Most companies prefer having a particular dress code in order to maintain a certain level of professionalism. However, certain companies that can accept casual business attire can allow men to wear button-ups, and women to wear skirts, khakis, cardigans, jackets, and such. Employees with a casual business outfit option are freer to wear jewelry and other accessories.
  • Straight-on casual attire: the trickiest part of allowing casual in an office environment is to maintain professionalism. Clothes must be neat, pressed, and appropriate in order for companies to accept them as professional attire. However, when companies allow casual attire, employees can have the freedom of wearing anything from polo shirts to crew neck sweaters for men and from nice fitted tops to blouses and skirts for women. With casual outfits, employees get the freedom of choosing fun patterns and colors.

Kubbair formal business attire

Depending on the position of the employee and the flexibility of the office the idea of a dress code gets carried on. The dress code of an office not only binds the employees together but also abolished the relaxed nature of a professional environment. However, at times staying professional can feel uncomfortable. Thus, we are here from the house of Kubbair, with comfortable formal business attire to help you maintain professionalism in comfy fabric. Being both well groomed and comfortable in single attire is the dream of many professionals, therefore at Kubbair; we make custom formal attires for men and women to turn their dream into reality. Get the best custom tailors from Ontario, Canada to make a luxurious custom suit for you to look professional and feel comfortable. Choose from our wide range of accessories to complement your formal business attire and complete the look. Feel best and confident in formal business attire custom made from Kubbair.