The ultimate guide to keeping your shirt wrinkle free and fresh all the time

With the evolution of fashion trends, we have witnessed all sorts of ripped, torn, patched, and similar types of outfits. We have also witnessed the fashion of crepe clothes, although it somehow hasn't been in trend. Wrinkly clothes are somehow not preferred by people as a proper fashion choice, which is why most people try hard to keep their shirts and blouses from being wrinkled. Avoiding or minimizing wrinkles on a shirt/ blouse to create an attractive outfit for a formal occasion is all we need. Unfortunately, it is very common for shirts and blouses to get wrinkled, thus it is essential for us to know what causes wrinkles so that we can avoid them. Over time you can witness some wrinkles on your outfit, although you can always prevent them with easy steps.

What causes wrinkles on shirts and blouses?

Heat and water are the main reasons for wrinkling clothes, as the fabric loosens up on exposure to heat and water. However, there are several other reasons which cause a shirt or blouse to get wrinkled.

Washing and drying: washing clothes usually make them wrinkly, and on top of that drying them after rinsing them can make them even more wrinkled. The heat from the dryer and the wet clothes can create wrinkles that can damage the look and feel of the shirt or blouse.

Folding: ironing can smoothen the wrinkles on the outfit, however, folding them improperly can again damage the smoothness of the cloth. Heat can fix the dried cloth from getting wrinkled. Thus, after pressing it properly with iron, it is important to fold them properly to avoid wrinkles.

Being closeted:  The best way to avoid wrinkles on clothes after washing and ironing is to keep them properly closeted. Make sure to hang your clothes immediately after ironing them, rather than folding them or piling them on the floor. Always make sure that the clothes are completely dry before you iron, fold, or keep them in the closet.

Traveling: Traveling with clothes and keeping them properly folded can be hectic. Thus, clothes should never be stuffed otherwise it is definite to create wrinkles. Clothes getting rubbed and pressed against each other can cause wrinkles, which must be taken care of.

How to avoid wrinkles on your outfit?

After being enlighted on what causes wrinkles on clothes, it is now time to know how can one avoid wrinkles on their outfit. Sharing some tips for you to get help with keeping your outfits wrinkle-free. Under different circumstances, the clothes face problems like wrinkling and folding, so we are going to cover all the situations and share tips on how to solve the issue of wrinkling.

  • While wearing: make sure the clothes are dry before wearing them. Avoid cramping of clothes while sitting down, by pulling them or straightening them. Do not put pressure on clothes and always wear the right fitted attires to avoid natural wrinkles due to excessive stretching of the fabric.
  • After ironing: get done with stubborn edges by dampening the corners. After ironing the clothes make sure to hang them immediately while they are still hot, to help the heat keep the fabric set. Always maintain the right amount of heat for different fabrics, and always pull the garment tightly so that it does not create new creases.
  • While packing: it is generally recommended to pack wrinkle-resistant clothing like silk and polyester, but in case you absolutely need your cotton shirts/blouses, then pack your clothes in rolls, for they are less likely to face wrinkles. Also, pack lightly, and keep space for breathing, so as to avoid friction and wrinkles. Carry a travel steamer if possible to avoid mishaps.
  • In the closet: hanging clothes in the closet must be done once the clothes are dry and cool. Don't over-stuff your closet, always give it space to breathe, so as to avoid friction. Try to use a wooden hanger rather than a wire hanger to avoid the creation of creases. Keep the hangers a few inches apart to avoid friction and rubbing against each other.

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