latest summer outfit trends to improve your clothing style from Kubbair the best custom tailor in Ontario

Dressing for cold weather is easy for men however; summer fashion rarely goes hand in hand with men. Winter is like the best friend to a man’s fashion due to the limitless choices, on the other hand, summer is acting like an enemy to a man. Men prefer simple yet elegant looks, thus, when we talk about summer fashion, what comes to mind is the association of the preppy look with summer. Summer fashion is generally considered a challenge for most men due to its limited dimension. The option for outfits reduces significantly for men, with the onset of summer. Staying cool and looking cool is what most men want during summer, and thus try out the edgy, rugged, and athletic style.

We at Kubbair have professional designers and stylists who pick the best outfits for our clients to make them look their best selves. We try and test different outfits that are considered preferable during different weather to find the best fit for the general audience. Master our seasonal get-ups and never be out of fashion ideas from fall to summer. Tackle all sorts of conditions, be it snow or heat waves, with our tips. Get great clothing styles and ideas for summer outfits and create an impression.

Summer outfits for men

Most men make the mistake of considering simple summer fashion as casual t-shirts and trousers/shorts. NO! It's strictly not, there are several ways in which one can mix them up and wear them. From linen to rugby shirts take some advice and inspiration from our fashion experts to get the best summer outfit. If you are someone who likes experimenting with fashion, then you can definitely beat the heat of summer with the HOT fashion trend of pastels, otherwise, you can always enjoy the casual and obvious preppy summer look. Wish to take a bold turn but still play safe, then pair your athletic shorts with sweats. If you are into the striped pattern, you can definitely pull off the French navy look, with that striped pullover commonly known as Breton with chinos. As for the office or formal environment, you can try new things and ditch the obvious formal outfit with a tie and blazer. Get tolerable fabric and tailor-made shirts and trousers, and then finally accessorize them with your favorite sunglass and watch. Finally, there is always the summer casual outfit, shirt/t-shirt, and shorts with premium sneakers.

Summer essentials

Steer away from the casual and obvious look, and try something new. Even the summer essentials can be styled with the help of our fashion experts. The easy option is always casual, so try something creative and fabulous looking. Athletics worn with tees and tanks can be a legitimate fashion trend. Why play it safe? Simply try out new things with shorts and chinos. Avoid baggy and old clothes (keep them for winter if possible) like you just hopped out of the 70s. Branch out and try summer essentials as social attire or something controversial like denim shorts. Try out a nice printed shirt if you are into that fashion, with chinos shorts, and turn up with a bad boy look.

Summer shirts can be a dangerous trend so you might want to keep them light. Invest in simple and designed t-shirts and striped tees. You can also try out the long and short-sleeved button-ups to get a classy yet funky look. Plain light-colored shirts are good for any and all occasions. So, apply the same rule, keep it light and breezy. Everything else you wish to try can make you look creative. As for pants, bold choices and alley styles are the best during summer. If you do not wish to wear shorts, you can always wear trousers and full-length chinos. Avoid blue pants in the spectrum, rest assured all colors can go well during summer. Chinos during summers are the best stories ever written, with the lightweight material and not too bold colors.

Summer wedding outfits

We all get nervous during our weddings, and therefore sweating is common. However, the additional heat of the summer is a completely different story. The sweltering sunshine all-day with you dressed up as the groom in a three-piece suit is enough for a person to get under the collar. So, increase your freedom and experiment with colors with your top and bottom attire during your summertime wedding. Help yourself with a light-colored jacket to deflect some heat and keep things grounded with dark-colored trousers. The combination might sound experimental but can actually win awards.

Different clothing styles

Nailing the look is what every guy wishes to achieve, however, they also wish to experiment with different fashion choices. No matter how bold or how overdressed you might look in a shirt and a tee simultaneously, there is no reason to not experiment. But if you wish for us at Kubbair to find you great clothing styles and summer outfits then here are some of the clothing styles one can appreciate.

  • Tucked in fashion: a quick elevation of your look can be achieved with a simple tucked tee. Tucking T-shirts in trousers is a new trend and can be worn in terms of any style and during any temperature. You can simply pull off this look, by wearing a well-fitted T-shirt with tailored pants that might be cropped around the ankles, or for a more casual setting, you can simply wear chinos.
  • Office to bar: though a linen shirt might have a bad reputation, it can never be excluded from your summer style. You can definitely style your linen shirt with a pair of cool trousers or chinos to practically look smart enough for an office environment and sophisticated enough for bars and pubs.
  • Business casual: business casual is a popular choice since it can be worn in any kind of formal surroundings. It is seasonally appropriate and is therefore worth investing in. Getting your business casual on with a pair of white jeans or chinos along with a quality polo t-shirt and good summer shoes. It is easygoing and classy.
  • Printed fashion: prints and patterns are considered under statements despite having an upper hand. A printed shirt during summer can definitely create an impression. It is considered best to keep your look simple and restrained. Get the classy look up for the summer with prints and patterns.

Now, we hope when summer comes you don't sweat it. Simply keep it lightweight and aesthetic, or get out with your fashion experiments. Keep boring away and hit summer in style.