Enjoy the comfort of premium leather made jackets from Kubbair custom clothing

Winter is coming, and if you don't want to end up having a brutal death like Catelyn Stark, we would recommend you purchase some warm and fashionable jackets to save yourself from frost bites. Enough of flexing Game Of Thrones, but honestly it is important to stuff your wardrobe with some fashionable and warm clothes. Whatever you wear during the winter can be turned into a fashionable element with a cool-looking leather jacket. Premium leather-made jackets are the best fashion elements of winter, for anything can be turned into a showstopping fashion element with a leather jacket. Nonetheless, we understand that getting a fine quality authentic leather jacket from the store is difficult, thus we are here with custom leather-made jackets from Kubbair

We understand it is a priority to own a premium jacket for all-purpose, right before the winter, thus we are here with custom tailors to make you your dream jacket. In order to avoid the hassle, most people tend to buy leather jackets off the rack, which later fail to provide the perfect fit and comfort. Off-the-rack clothes can never give an accurate fit since they are made with rough assumptions thus, we recommend our readers and clients try custom clothing once to experience the greatest comfort and the best fit. Once you try custom jackets you will no longer have to worry about size and fitting. With custom clothes, you can carry out your personalized fashion statement. So when we are talking about custom-made leather jackets let us focus on the types of leather used, how they are made, and the reason why most people prefer custom-made leather jackets. 

Types of leather used in making premium leather jackets from Kubbair 

When we talk about leather jackets we prefer to discuss the types of leather used in the process to steer clear. Some people like animal skin due to its quality and originality and some prefer saving the earth and therefore using faux or grain leather. We at Kubbair keep it all for you, we do not like to hide the quality from you. We mainly use five types of leather 

If you are looking for animal skin leather we have 

  • Cow skin

  • Goat skin

  • Sheep skin

  • Alligator skin

  • Snake skin 

How are custom jackets made at Kubbair?

After providing the list of the types of leather used in custom-made jackets it is time to let you know how our premium leather-made jackets are made. The style statement along with the craftsman's ideas are the most important elements while creating custom fashion. Since everyone has their own choice of custom leather jackets we believe that customizing can be beneficial for all to get their individual style statements. The number of pockets and layers one wants can be understood once they start trying custom clothing. Selecting one particular type of leather or even mixing two or more at once can be a unique technique if preferred by customers. Therefore at Kubbair, we consider customers’ choices as our first priority. 

Starting from the measurements to materials we take our client’s opinions since fashion is a portrayal of individualism. So we start by measuring the customer and then chalking the measurements down on cardboard and cutting pieces of clothing according to the measurements. Further, we cut out clothes for the shoulders, chest, and back and stitch them together with two different types of thread-like woolen and nylon. Nylon threads are invisible but have tough durability which helps the pieces stay together. After stitching the pieces together and reconfirming them, we apply color and coat the leather which is further dried properly before being handed out to the client. 

Why do people prefer custom-made leather jackets? 

There are several brands that make readymade leather jackets, however since leather is a luxurious item of fashion, most people tend to prefer custom-made jackets from premium stores. Although readymade leather jackets are not the most suitable apparel, it is still the more commonly worn piece of clothing. However, we can promise that once someone tries Kubbair’s custom leather jackets, there is no turning back. Every year the fashion industry keeps getting bigger and keeps on upgrading fashion to attract the attention of buyers and thus custom clothing lineups get blindsided. However, when it comes to experiencing the premium feel, most people prefer custom-made apparel. Leather jackets are something that looks the best when fitted well, therefore most people prefer visiting custom tailors to get the perfect fit in one go. The popularity of leather jackets has increased all over the world and thus, people are even considering custom-made leather jackets as a premium suggestion. If you are one, who is looking for premium leather jackets then you can visit our store to get yourself a custom-tailored jacket for the approaching winter.