Blue / Grey Suit

Suits are meant for formal occasions and parties, however, there are certain ways in which you can wear suits with several combinations. Although blue and grey suits are generally meant for weddings since the color adds a somber effect to the usual mellow background of weddings, one can also wear blue/ grey suits for other occasions. There are no hard-bound rules for fashion, but if one follows particular fashion rules, he can make a lot out of his wardrobe. It is the era of casuals, where most people like to dress comfortably with the amazing and unlimited fashion choices available in casual outfits, we can suggest some good tips for fashioning your blue/grey suit.

There are timeless combinations one can use in order to fashion their blue/grey outfit. You can pair a blue suit with a white or grey shirt along with a bow or a long tie. This casual yet elegant look can be worn on many occasions without giving much thought. although a man’s personality comes out with proper and comfortable fashion, we put a lot of effort and thought into fashioning men’s outfits. At Kubbair we not only have the finest custom suit makers in Canada but also professional fashion advisors and designers. Our custom suit makers take advice from our fashion advisors and designers to make the ultimate outfit for men and showcase them in our fashion shows. You can check out our fashion shows and parties we host to have an idea of men’s fashion and further can contact us for designing your dream custom outfit.

Another way of customizing and trying out the color combination for your suits is with the grey ones. Try out your grey suits with a white or black shirt and tan shoes. This color combination goes with all occasions and at all times throughout the day. Try out this sleek and very fashionable combination especially during the evening to heighten your aura and personality to impress people with your fashion trends. We at Kubbair help our clients become showstoppers of the occasion. Check out our formal attires as well as informal and casual outfits for all occasions. We also have fashion accessories to combine with your outfit and give you an out-of-the-box look.

Here are a few color combinations of shirts you can try with your grey suit, such as white, navy, black, pink, red, or printed. These are the popular choices of shirts people generally wear with grey suits, however, if you take our opinion we would ask you to either go with a white or black shirt with your custom-made grey suit. Along with that here are the popular choices of shirts people wear with their blue suits; white, pink, grey, pale blue, pale green, and other light or pale color shirts. Here as well if you ask for our opinions we would ask you to go with white, or any other pale and light color shirts.

There are certain combinations that you can try along with suits that can bring out an elegant look in you. Try out the formal suit with the tuxedo and matching pants to give a classier look and enjoy the attention. You can also try accessories like cufflinks, bows, ties, pocket squares, or lapel pins to add a hint of sophistication. Decorating your suits for a special occasion is never extra, so try out our custom-made accessories for a luxurious look. Whether you are the groom or the best man, or just a friend, always be up to the mark with fashion with Kubbair. We are masters of the color grey, therefore we prefer the color grey in men’s fashion, since grey rides to the rescue, ready to make you look good. So choose blue/ grey fashion suits wisely and dominate all occasions.