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Corporate program of Kubbair


We are Kubbair, a bespoke tailoring brand renowned for designing the best custom-made clothes for men. We are a men’s fashion clothing store and wardrobe consultant operating in Ontario, Canada for 20 years down the lane. We have been helping people in Canada find their best fit and their dream suit for a long time now. We have the best custom tailors who have been teaching men's fashion to different fashion industries and fashion enthusiasts throughout Canada. This brings us to the corporate programs that we organize throughout Canada. Our exclusive corporate programs involve company visits, making visits to businesses, and universities, and associating with college alumni. We also make visits to nonprofit groups and organizations, as well as fraternities and sororities. We pay visits to such places and occasions for brand promotion and awareness. We also teach designing and tailoring men’s fashion to people, companies, and organizations interested in custom tailoring. 

Our corporate programs also involve hosting special events and fashion shows, along with that we also organize private trunk shows, where we showcase our products for people to know about us and inquire more about our company. For people who invest in our fashion brand and wish to make a purchase, we provide hard-to-resist offers and discounts to our clients and investors. Join our corporate programs and get to know more about us.  We make Visits to your company,  businesses, university and college alumni associations, nonprofit groups and organizations, as well as fraternities and sororities. We offer discounts and host a special event and private trunk shows at your doorstep.  

For more information on our Corporate Partners Program please contact PritPal Saini Phone: 6479890555 or email at pritpal@kubbair.com