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Shirt & Suit Care Guide


Shirt & Suit Care Guide

Shirts: All cotton shirts shrink over time. The Level of Shrinkage is the direct result of how the shirts are cleaned and maintained)

To Prolong the life of your shirts. Please read the following for proper maintenance:

  1. When using commercial cleaners, if possible, request your cleaner to avoid using a high temperature press for the collars and cuffs on the shirts.
  2. Use of dryer can cause extreme shrinkage.
  3. Avoid using bleach-we highly recommend of mild washing powder or detergent for home laundry.
  4. Please be carefully if wash at home cold wash and hang dry.

Suits: Your Custom tailored suit last you a number of years if properly maintained.

To Prolong the life of your suit, please read the the following for proper maintenance:

  1. Please do not use iron directly on your suit for pressing-we recommend a steam press to ease the wrinkles from your suit.
  2. We recommend dry cleaning your suit only two or three times a year depending on how often the suit is worn.
  3. Frequent rotation of your suits will prevent wear and tear.
  4. Avoid putting heavy stuff in the suit jacket pockets either inside as will result on rub on the shirt or outside will spoil the look after a while.

Kubbair is not responsible for any shrinkage or discoloration of the garments resulting from negligence or improper care and handling by commercial cleaners or home laundry.

Pritpal Saini

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