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Why custom clothoing makers

Custom clothing never goes out of style

We are Bespoke Tailors not Made to Measure: 

Bespoke clothing or custom-made clothing is the traditional form of designing clothes from a pattern as per the customer’s choice. Bespoke clothing is not made to measure instead, it is made from scratch according to the client’s specifications. Bespoke clothing requires high-quality construction, wherein the entire customization can be done as per customer requirements such as “lapel size or style”, “buttons style and position on the jacket”, “hand pick stitching”, and “vent style either center or side or no vent”. There are different styles for pants as well wherein customers can choose the pants style to be “pleated or non-pleated”, “tapered or made as per customer style with their body measurements”. In custom-made clothes, the choice is always given to the client and the attires are designed accordingly. The best part about bespoke clothing over made-to-measure is that the tailor can take the exact body measurements to ensure the utmost fittings. At Kubbair we take all body measurements starting from the neck all the way to the bottom of the leg. We do not miss out on any part of the body in order to ensure accuracy and exact fit. Our measurements of individual clothing include shoulders: either slopping or square, chest: either full or flat and hips: either flat or curved. While measuring, there are certain things we take care of such as the client’s holding of the pants, either high, low, front, or back. We follow accurate measurements of the consumer’s body to construct the best-fitting suit or shirt. The best fit provides immense comfort and satisfaction to the customer. 


 The choices are yours. 

We are the luxury brand of custom-made clothes for men, where we provide our clients to choose from more than 2000 pieces of fabric for suits, shirts, and sports coats. Kubbair’s customization process helps you to find the dream attire that you have been longing for a long time. We build your suit as per your choice from fabrics, along with lapels, pockets, and buttons. We provide our customers with luxurious suit styles to choose from, and along with that we also allow our clients to provide their choice of design to help them make their choice of attire. Customers and clients can bring a sample or an image from the web which can assist us in copying the styles and designing the exact suit. 

Endless and Uncountable options 

At Kubbair you can get innumerable benefits and endless options. You can check out our services to avail benefits and options that feel suitable to you. Check out our services where we provide referral programs, corporate programs, and alterations. We are glad to tell you that all our customization options are included in the price of your suit. You can personalize your purchase to the very last detail to get the exact garment you want.

Add personal touch 

Craft your name, initials or personal message and we will monogram it inside of your jacket or blazer. 


The lining adds personality to your jacket. Kubbair gives you the choice of more than 100 colors and patterns of linings. Kubbair’s linings are durable and will drape the inside of your suit beautifully to give it a luxurious feel.